MTC’s VPP Parking Project

The Value Pricing Pilot (VPP) Parking Project consists of two areas of work: (1) best practices in parking policy research as well as detailed analysis of parking supply, demand, and (2) pricing for various locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The policy research focuses on eleven key questions regarding parking policies. Extensive research into case studies and best practices for local jurisdictions, as well as expert panel suggestions, were utilized to determine policy recommendations. Under Research & Policies, you can find a breakdown of how the study was conducted, findings, and policy recommendations.

In addition to policy research, extensive data collection and original analysis was conducted for this project. The parking data collected is available for viewing under Maps & Data. Here you can view maps and download data reports for various cities throughout the bay area to view parking supply information as well as parking occupancy data.





MTC Project Manager: Valerie Knepper

CDM Smith Project Leads: Kelly Clonts, Terri O’Connor

MTC Technical Staff: Solana Foo, Kearey Smith, Michael Reilly, and David Ory

CDM Smith Project Analysts: David Chew, Ted Huynh, Fabian Gallardo

Land Use Modeling: Synthicity

Outreach: Daniller Consulting

Special thanks to TransFORM and parking policy experts Donald Shoup, Elizabeth Deakin, Todd Litman, Meea Kang, and Richard Willson.